Math 1207-V21 – Calculus II – Summer 2022

Excerpts from the text:

First five sections of the text that are covered in our syllabus. Will be taken down soon.


Lecture Videos – Here you will find the YouTube playlist for the class


Lecture Notes – Here you will be able to access the lecture notes in “real time”.


Syllabus – Here you will find the syllabus for the course

Online HW

Graded HW is given via WeBWork, which you can access here.

Your login is your Fordham email username. Initially, your password is set to the same thing, but be sure to change your password once you log in!

Take tests–Gradescope

You will take tests on Gradescope, click here to access it. You will receive an email at your Fordham email address with login instructions.


Your grades for the class will be uploaded to BlackBoard. You can access this via your My.Fordham.

Solutions to Tests and Practice Tests

  • Solutions to the tests (except the final) can be found in the notes.
  • The practice tests are found in Gradescope, and the answers will show up after the due date for their submission.

Documents and Class Handouts

Approximate Integration – Handout covering section 7.7 of the text.

Work – Handout covering section 5.4 of the text.

Conic Sections – Handout covering section 10.5 of the text. We will focus on sketching.

Rotation of Axes – Handout to supplement 10.5 of the text. Authored by Professor J. Douglas Faires, Youngstown State University. We won’t be covering this topic…

Common Series Tests – Handout to supplement sections 11.3 through 11.7 of the text